When everyone is getting ready for Christmas

December 4, 2020

When everyone is getting ready for Christmas and runs around in search of presents AGM Global Vision simply offers you a real cheat list of presents that will be giving your close people that warm feeling that we all remember from our childhood. Feeling of Christmas morning , the aroma of wrapping paper and that sweet sensation of opening the present and finding inside the thing that you really wanted. We love and cherish that spirit of giving when you see a smile on the face of people you love.

AGM Global vision has developed and launched a new generation of thermal imaging compact spotters. AGM Taipan 12 μm series of monoculars and new line of weapon mountable products Rattler TS, compact thermal imaging rifle scope and Rattler TC, thermal imaging clip on system are available for preorders for January 2021.

We will be glad to make sure that you will get access to our new products among first so please contact your nearest AGM dealer or AGM EU directly at info@agm-support.com for early bookings.

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