Firmware Updates

Firmware update instruction

Please read the instructions below before updating the firmware.

Check current firmware version of your device, for this go to your device’s main menu to option “Info” or “Version” and check what number you have. Compare the number with the latest version of the firmware on the AGM website.

Download the firmware update package to your PC and unzip it.

Do not open the DAV or BIN file on your computer as it may corrupt the file.

If there are multiple folders with digicap.dav files you must use one at a time. They will need to be updated in this order FPGA, Main, then Reticle. Complete updating procedures for each folder. Not all the units have multiple folders.

If your device does not have a built-in rechargeable battery and is powered by replaceable Lithium batteries, remove the batteries from the battery compartment before connecting the device to your PC, or it may cause computer damage.

If you removed the batteries, please make sure the device is connected to the computer during the update process. Otherwise, the device will shut off and may cause unnecessary upgrade failure, firmware damage, etc.

1. Connect the thermal device to your PC with USB cable.

2. Turn on the thermal device.

3. Disable the Wi-Fi Hotspot function in the device menu if WiFi is enabled.

4. Open the detected disk (USB drive) in file manager program. Copy the unzipped .dav file and paste it to the root directory of the device (USB drive).

5. Turn off the device completely.

6. Turn on the device. After about 1 minute, the firmware update process will start automatically. During the update, the screen will display the inscription "Upgrading ...". The update process will be completed when the inscription "Upgrading ..." goes out.

If no "Updating" screen comes up in the scope make sure that the file digicap.dav is in the root directory of the device( USB) not in the DCIM, the DCIM is where images and videos are stored that are taken with the unit. If update file was added to that folder, delete it and re-copy it from downloaded folders to the root directory of the device (USB drive).

Repeat steps 4-6 for each updating file.

When multiple update files are present for upgrade , each update will vary in length from 4-12 minutes.

7. Turn off the device and disconnect it from your PC.

8. Restore the device after upgrading. (Restore option is in the menu)

Before downloading the firmware files, you should be registering properly on our official website to get the best support.

Additional information for upgrading methods for Rattlers TS and TC (thermal sight and thermal clip on)

1. Unzip the package and put digicap.dav inside to root folder of device through USB cable, then reboot the device. The upgrade process would start automatically.

2. Upgrade Main firmware, FPGA firmware and Reticle firmware one by one using the same method. The sequence does not matter.

Ps. The updated time of FPGA firmware is about 15mins, so please keep patient. We added some new reticles in this Reticle firmware.

After upgrading the main firmware, FPGA firmware and Reticle firmware, press “△” and “▽“ at the same time to enter into the image calibration mode.

The inner whole image can be adjusted in 4 directions so as to align with user’s riflescope.

Note: This firmware supports two modes --- Clip-on mode and Scope mode. (It can switch modes automatically by sensing eyepiece/riflescope)

【Clip-on mode】
As listed above, whole image can be adjusted to align with user’s riflescope. Meanwhile, there is no reticle, bore sighting because they are unnecessary in this mode with image calibration and riflescope scale.

【Scope mode】
It is the same as current function except for the reticle type (we added several common reticles)

If you have any confusions or suggestions, please contact us.

The firmwares are available for the following devices: Asp TM25-384 / Asp TM35-384; Asp Micro TM160 / Asp Micro TM384 / Asp TM35-640; Taipan TM15-384 / Taipan TM19-384 / Taipan TM25-384; Taipan TM10-256; Rattler TS25-384 / Rattler TS35-384; Rattler TC35-384; Explorator FSB50

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