Body Kits and Spare Parts

SKD Kits
FoxBat 6x LE SKD Kit (10130)
Wolf14 SKD Kit (G2G)

Wolf14 SKD Kit (G2G)


Comanche 40 SKD Kit no MG (10160)
FoxBat 5x SKD Kit (G2G)
NVG40 SKD Kit with MG (11769)
PVS14-51 SKD Kit with MG w/Standard Kit (11769)
Wolf7 SKD Kit w/GK (G2G)
NVM40 SKD Kit (10160)
SKD Kit (10130)
PVS14 SKD Kit with MG w/Standard Kit (11769)
PVS7 SKD Kit w/Standard Kit (10130)
FoxBat7x LE SKD Kit (10130)
Comanche 40 SKD Kit with MG (11769)
PVS 14 Spare Parts
PVS14 Eyecup

PVS14 Eyecup


PVS14 Light Pipe

PVS14 Light Pipe


PVS14 Objective Lens Stop/Focus Ring
PVS14 Objective Lens Cap
PVS14 Sacrificial Window
PVS14 Neck Cord

PVS14 Neck Cord


PVS14 J-Arm, Head/Helmet mount interface
Eyecup Retainer
Soft Carrying Case Assembly (Green)
PVS14 Objective Lens Assembly
PVS14 Eyepiece Lens Assembly
PVS14 Single Battery Compartment Assembly
PVS14 Objective Lens Retainer
PVS 7 Spare Parts
Head Mount Assembly with S/M/L brow pads



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