Thermal Weapon Sights



€2,827.00 €3,109.00

Resolution: 384 x 288

Refresh rate: 50 Hz

Lens system: 25 mm; F/1.0

Magnification: 1.5×



€3,687.00 €3,887.00

Resolution: 384 x 288

Refresh rate: 50 Hz

Lens system: 50 mm; F/1.0

Magnification: 3×




Resolution: 384 x 288

Refresh rate: 50 Hz

Lens system: 75 mm; F/1.0

Magnification: 4.5×

AGM Globalvision Thermal Weapon Sights: Technologies and Features

AGM Globalvision thermal weapon sights use the latest infrared imaging technology to reveal temperature variations and fluctuations that occur in both natural and man-made objects. They use that information to generate an image even in near to total darkness. With multi-coated, Germanium lenses and compact, sturdy housing, our sights are water, dust, and sand-proof for unmatched reliability in uncharted territories, rough terrain, and extreme weather conditions. Our thermal weapon sights also offer:

Our thermal weapon sights are developed using the science of black body radiation, which demonstrates that objects with a temperature above absolute zero must emit infrared radiation. Radiation levels increase or decrease in response to changes or variations in an object’s temperature; thermal photography, or thermography, works by detecting the level of radiation that an object emits and translating it into an image.

A thermal weapon sight, otherwise called a thermographic weapon sight or thermal imagery scope, combines a thermographic camera and an aiming reticle in one device that can be mounted on a variety of weapons. AGM Globalvision superior thermal weapon sights are made from high-grade construction materials that are lightweight, weather-resistant, and tough.

Our Thermal Weapon Sight Products

We offer a wide range of field-tested, Military-grade thermal weapon sights. They feature:

With precision top wheel focus and an ergonomic body, our thermal weapon sights allow the exceptionally accurate positioning and targeting while maximizing user comfort.

The AGM Globalvision Guarantee: The Ideal Choice for Experts and Enthusiasts

All AGM Globalvision thermal weapon sights are built to last, with a quality construction and host of feature that enable our customers to feel safe, adaptable, and fully in control during covert operations, territory exploration, routine enforcement, and everything in between. Our thermal weapon sights are water and fog-resistant, and always created for the most demanding tactical professionals. AGM Globalvision customers know that our products offer superior quality and exceptional performance that’s low-maintenance and cost-effective.

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