AGM Global Vision is proud to announce the new Taipan thermal imaging monocular

January 8, 2021

AGM Global Vision is proud to announce the new Taipan hand held thermal imaging monocular line of thermal imaging products. These great thermal spotters are being offered in three versions:
Taipan TM15-384 (15 mm lens), Taipan TM19-384 (19 mm) and Taipan TM25-384 (25 mm). AGM Taipan is fully packed with features that will provide pleasant experience for any end user.
These compact devices offer 384×288 resolution, 12 μm (step up from classic models with 17 μm) and high sensitivity below 35 mK thermal detector.
Having the highest temperature target tracking, distance measurement, Wi- Fi hotspot on board will get your observation, surveillance experience to the literary next level
We also would like to draw your attention to the new line of weapon mountable products Rattler TS, compact thermal imaging rifle scope and Rattler TC, thermal imaging clip on system are in stock in AGM EU and already available for orders.

Don’t miss the chance to get late Xmass presents or an opportunity to get you a nice treat with such a versatile usability!

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