July 2, 2020

Quarantine period is finally over, and we have just received a resupply of our European stock in Sofia, Bulgaria. Wide range of night vision and thermal imaging products for military and civilian users, professional hunters and amateurs – any goal can be achieved with the right equipment. Only in July get ready for the start of the season with our discounts, gifts and offers!

Be prepared for the new season with AGM Global Vision!

Order AGM ASP TM25-384, or AGM ASP TM35-384, or AGM ASP TM35-640 Thermal Imaging Monocular and get a FREE AGM Backpack (49 Euro value).
Order AGM SECUTOR TS50-384 or AGM SECUTOR TS25-384 Thermal Imaging Rifle Scopes and get a FREE AGM Backpack + FREE AGM Cap (69 Euro value).
Only in July! 15% DISCOUNT on all versions of AGM Foxbat 5x Night Vision Binoculars (green and black/white).
Only in July! Get FREE AGM Cap + FREE AGM Pen with the purchase of any night vision monocular.
Only in July! Get FREE 8X36 Daytime Binoculars (150 Euro value) and FREE SHIPPING* with the purchase of AGM EXPLORATOR TB75-384 or AGM EXPLORATOR FSB50-640.
Order five or more Thermal or Night Vision units get a FREE SHIPPING*

* Free Shipping is arranged via DHL Ground service within European Union.

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