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    USB Cable | Neck Belt | Protective Bag | User Manual | Lens Tissue | Packing Box

Description and Features

The Asp TM-384 handheld observational thermal monocular is equipped with a 384 × 288 infrared detector and a 1024×768 OLED display. It supports functions of observation, hot spot tracking, distance measurement, Wi-Fi hot spot, and so on. The high-sensitivity built-in thermal detector provides you with clear view even in total darkness. The monocular is mainly applied to scenarios such as patrolling, law enforcement, searching and rescuing, drug enforcement, anti-smuggling, criminal seizing, hiking, travel, and hunting, etc.

Distance Measurement: The device realizes distance measurement function after marking the top and bottom of target, and input the target height.
Hot Spot Mark: The device detects and marks the hot spot of highest temperature.
Wi-Fi & Hot Spot: Device can capture snapshots, record videos, and set parameters via APP after being connected to your phone.
Mode Switch: Device supports pallet switch and distance measurement.
Storage: Built-in memory module supports video recording/snapshot capturing.
Digital Zoom: Device supports 2× digital zoom.

  • 384 × 288 resolution, high sensitivity detector
  • Adaptive AGC, DDE, 3D DNR, NETD less than 35 mk (@25°C), F#=1.0
  • 1024 × 768 resolution 0.39-inch OLED display
  • Built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery
  • Up to five hours continuous running (with Wi-Fi hot spot function off)
  • Wi-Fi hot spot
  • Limited 3-Year Warranty


Image sensor: Vanadium Oxide Uncooled Focal Plane Arrays
Max. Resolution: 384*288
Detector type 17um
Recognition Range (Vehicles: 1.4×4.0m) - 564m (Humans: 1.8×0.5m) - 184m
Detection Range (Vehicles: 1.4×4.0m) - 2255m (Humans: 1.8×0.5m) - 735m
Identification Range (Vehicles: 1.4×4.0m) - 282m (Humans: 1.8×0.5m) - 92m
Response Wavebond: 8um to 14um
NETD: < 35mk(@25°C,F#=1.0)
Lens (focal length): 25mm
Optical magnification 1.7x
Field of View: 14.88° x 11.19°
F number: 1.0
Digital Zoom: 2X
Palettes: Black hot White hot Red hot Fusion
Monitor: 0.39-inch, OLED, 1024 × 768
Hot Track: Yes
Storage: Built-in memory module (16GB)
Record Video: Support on-board video recording
Capture Snapshot: Yes
Wi-Fi: Yes
Battery Type Lithium Battery
Battery Operating Time: Up to 5 hours continuous running
Battery Capacity Display: Yes
Power: 5V DC/2A, 2W
Working Temperature/ Humidity: -30 °C to 55 °C (-22 °F to 131 °F)
Protection Level: IP67
Dimensions: 189 mm × 74 mm × 66 mm (7.9″ × 2.91″ × 2.60″)
Weight: 460 g (1.01 lb)
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