Thermal Imaging - Refurbished

AGM Globalvision Thermal Devices: Technologies and Features

AGM Globalvision Thermal Imaging devices combine the renowned science of infrared technology with cutting-edge optical capabilities and tools, such as:

Specialized thermal imaging cameras are developed using FPAs, or focal plane arrays, that respond to longer wavelengths (mid-wavelength and long-wavelength infrared). Common types include QWIP FPA, InSb, InGaAs, and HgCdTe. Our devices use infrared radiation and ambient light (as opposed to visible light) to produce a clear image that’s visible even in near to total darkness. According to the laws of black body radiation, all objects with a temperature above absolute zero emit infrared radiation. Thermography, or thermal photography, is possible due to the fact that the amount of radiation emitted by an object increases or decreases with changes in temperature.

AGM Globalvision always strives to use the latest available thermal imaging technologies, such as low-cost, uncooled microbolometers that act as FPA sensors, to create tactical tools that are consistently durable, practical, and economical.

Our Thermal Device Product Offerings

We offer a wide range of tried-and-tested, Military-grade thermal devices, including:

Our selection of innovative products is diverse and always evolving. As new technologies are developed and tactical strategies advance, we strive to build thermal devices that are adaptable to any scenario, tough enough for any terrain, and smart enough to exceed the expectations of the most demanding experts.

The AGM Globalvision Guarantee: The Top Choice of Tactical Professionals

All AGM Globalvision thermal imaging devices are sturdy, compact, and ergonomic, ensuring confidence and comfort during missions, strategic training sessions, and combat situations. Many of our thermal devices are waterproof, and primed for use with a variety of weapons. They’re always easy to use, with simple-to-understand operational and maintenance instructions. Limited warranties are also available, allowing our customers to rest assured that our products are always top-quality and high-performance.

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