March 13, 2020

Get foldable travel backpack, brand cap or ballpoint pen for free!

AGM Global Vision knows that reliable gear is always a great support during any mission applications. We are glad to introduce the new line of compact backpacks, comfortable caps and brand pens. Wherever you go, now you can take AGM with you.

You can get backpack for purchasing any of the following:

AGM ASP TM35-640 – thermal imaging monoculars
AGM Explorator TB50-384/TB75-384 – thermal imaging binoculars
AGM Explorator FSB50-640 – fusion binoculars
AGM Victrix TC38-384/TC50 – thermal imaging clip-on systems
AGM Secutor – thermal imaging weapon sights

PVS-14 – night vision monoculars
PVS-7 – night vision goggles
NVG 40/50 – night vision goggles
FoxBat 5/LE6 – night vision binoculars

Get brand cap or ballpoint pen if you purchase:

ASP Micro - the smallest thermal imaging monoculars
ASP TM25/35 - thermal imaging monoculars

Wolf -14 – night vision monoculars
NVM 40/50 – night vision monoculars
Wolf-7 – night vision goggles

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