AGM Global Vision Stays in Touch

April 6, 2020

AGM Global Vision Stays in Touch
AGM Global Vision stays open for business throughout shutdowns.
We developed the product line and achieved the global reach that were recognized as vital for both governmental and consumer purposes. Thanks to our trusted suppliers we have the access to all components we require even during the period of shutdowns. We will stay open to continue selling and shipping our our night vision and thermal imaging products on daily basis and support our customers on their way to safety.
AGM GlobalVision (Sofia) shipping department prepares and ships orders twice a week using SkyNet Ground Service. Depending on destination place, you will receive the package within 4-10 days.
We understand the risks of COVID-19 and we know for sure that our team is taking all necessary steps to protect themselves and our customers. All thermal imaging and night vision devices are always assembled on clean workplaces by the specialists who is taking all recommended precautions. All the orders are packed carefully. Every package is disinfected during import and export procedures.
Stay safe, be in touch and we will do our best to provide you with the most reliable thermal and night vision equipment.

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