Spring has Sprung!

April 7, 2021

Wishing you bright, warm and beautiful Spring AGM Global Vision as always thinking about growing and renewing. We have developed Premium grade line of products with top notch commercial tubes.
Now AGM Global Vision offers full range of Multi-Purpose Night Vision Monoculars such as NVM40 or NVM50, AGM PVS14, AGM PVS14- 51, AGM PVS14 Omega, also we supply Dual Tube Night Vision Goggles/Binoculars AGM NVG40, AGM NVG-50 with commercial Grade Photonis xx1441DK or xx1441AH Image intensifier tubes in green version NL1i or NL2i or in black& white version NW1i/NW2i, autogated or non autogated.

Fresh air? Fresh inventory! We mean it!
All the products mentioned above are available with PHOTONIS ECHO Image intensifier tubes with FOM up 2600, SNR up to 30 and with resolution up to 80 lp/mm, AGM does offer the lowest prices in European Union for high performance Photonis tubes.
Find a better offer for the units with commercial and with Photonis ECHO tubes and we will beat it with additional 5% discount!

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