Experience summer like never before!

July 5, 2021

Dear AGM customers – we personally think that everything good, everything magical happens between the months of June and August. All those lovely nights with campfires, epic hiking trips and rock-climbing with camps under the stars. We think about you and we wish you could carry little something that will be the best companion in your summer adventures.
We are thrilled to offer Taipan TM10-256 handheld observational thermal monocular
Taipan TM10-256 is just great tool for observation. It’s compact, featherweight besides it has highest temperature and target tracking together with distance measurement. You’ll be enjoying the night wildlife and staying away from a trouble in the same time. Thinking about sharing the awesome moments you’ve had - simply use the Wi-Fi hotspot option and get the footage to your smart device.
Sweetest thing about the AGM Taipan TM10-256 is in fact that it’s definitely not a bank breaker. Cheapest in class and providing an awesome outdoor experience in the same time!
AGM officially wants you to do something cool with your summer!

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