ASP-Micro Arrived!

April 27, 2020

Fresh news for all our customers who were waiting for ASP-Micro 384x288 thermal imaging monoculars to come!

Our European stock in Sofia, Bulgaria has just received a great batch of thermal and night vision devices, so now you have a perfect chance to get tiny and impressively powerful equipment in no time.

AGM Asp-Micro is one of the most compact thermal imaging monoculars available on the market. Robust design, durability, attractive interface and functionality makes it perfect for wide range of mission applications both for civil and law enforcement use.

This device was designed for various types of purposes. The ASP proved itself as effective and useful for searching, rescuing operations and patrolling. Asp Micro can be a reasonable option for those who need the device small enough to grab it anywhere. Hiking and traveling could become more complete if you take with you the tool that can show you the world hidden in the darkness. Also hunters would estimate the advantage of detecting the target both day and night.


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