AGM Global Vision makes them more affordable than ever

November 9, 2021

Dear AGM Customers if you were looking for the budget thermal imaging scope with 12 μm cores and wide array of objectives having among others 19mm and 25 mm F/ 1.0 objectives and impressive ranges you have found them all in one place!

AGM Global Vision makes them more affordable than ever and now literary everyone can have it in the toolbox for the hunt. Simply contact your nearest AGM reseller for Rattler TS19-256 and Rattler TS25-256 quote!

AGM Global Vision would also like to offer you the thermal imaging weapon sights with laser range finders AGM Varmint LRF TS35-384 and TS50-384 with 12μm cores with top versions AGM Varmint LRF TS35-640 and TS50-640 12μm cores and great thermal spotters AGM FUZION and AGM FUZION LRF with 384 and 640 thermal cores with laser range finders on board will be a great help for any debutant hunter and surely will be a pleasant bonus for experienced hunters.

Traditionally AGM Global Vision meets the expectations of the most demanding hunters and shooting enthusiasts -now, finally we are thrilled to offer the top line version of the thermal imaging front attachment: AGM Rattler TC50-640 with 50mm F/1.0 objective and 640x512 with 12μm thermal cores.

AGM Global Vision hopes that you are having lovely Autumn days and remains at your disposal when season of holidays and presents will start!

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