What is Night Vision Device?

June 4, 2021


So, how are Night Vision Devices made, and what are the principles of their work?

Imagine you can see perfectly in a dark room, night forest, or field just putting on a pair of glasses. Night vision devices are capturing the natural or artificial light reflected by objects. Following its surface structure and physical features, every object reflects a different amount of light. Night vision devices see this light and amplify it to the level of visible and comfortable for the human eye. Gathered light passes through the image intensifier tube, the main part of the night vision device, and turns into the image. The night vision lens’s role in this setup is to provide the image with a magnified image without optical distortions.

Available image colors in night vision devices nowadays are green or black and white. Although it is commonly said that the green color of the image does not cause eye fatigue and is preferable for many customers. This statement is totally subjective since many LEA and Military professionals, together with the commercial users, tend to use black and white in night vision devices.

Due to the lightweight and very compact size together with an impressive night vision capabilities night vision devices are top-rated among hunters and the military, but they are also widely used for finding and rescuing people. With the development of the modern night vision, getting the good working night vision set up will not break the bank anymore.

Prices of different setups will, of course, depend on the complexity and generation of the model.

Why the seemingly similar devices vary in price will be clearly seen if we look into the types of design of night vision devices. The sizes of the devices are miniature, but in fact, a very complex mechanism is hidden inside:

· Glass lenses and oculars. Lens provides the magnification options and focuses the existing light. Oculars complete the combination of optical elements and let’s operator use the device without sophisticated settings each time.

· Image Intensifier. Located inside the device, this is the most important element of the whole night vision system. The captured light stream is directed through it. It amplifies light to the visible and comfortable level for the human using the batteries of the night vision device as the power source.

Building of night vision devices is not an easy process taking into account the the fact that all core elements are tiny in size and require precise manual work in

Some cases in a completely sterile room. Each element is separately assembled and tested multiple times using different methods giving the desired result. Assembled devices by requirements are purged with nitrogen to remove the air and prevent internal fogging.

Night vision devices, in general, are handy tools for law enforcement end-users, military end-users, hunters, and even tourists. They have numerous advantages, but they do have a minor flow as well. Night vision devices are not very useful in rainy or foggy weather and smoky environments.

However, even having limited drawbacks, night vision devices remain the technology which saves time and human life in critical situations.

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