Do Laser Range Finding Rifle Scopes are worse attention devices?

May 31, 2021


Do Laser Range Finding Rifle Scopes are worse attention devices? - May 31, 2021

Annually, new items appear on the optics market that hunters and shooters could only dream of a couple of years ago. Electronic devices are developing especially rapidly. The Laser Range Finder is one of the most controversial and unusual products among them. Some say that this is a completely useless thing, others cannot imagine their hunt without this device. Before you decide to invest in Laser Range Finding Scope or refuse to buy it, let's find out more about this device, its pros and cons.

What is it and how does it work?
The idea to combine Rifle Scope and Range Finder first came to military engineers. Such 2-in-1 devices were first tested during the tactical operations of the American army. For the next couple of years, such a scope was only assembled for the needs of the US Army, and only then it began to be sold in stores and on the Internet.
The work principle of such a device is not as simple as it seems. Inside the scope is a miniature computer and sensors. These sensors measure range, wind, etc., and then pass this data to a computer. The computer, in its turn, processes the received data and determines the distance from the hunter to the target. For a beginner, such a device seems to be an excellent solution – you do not need to calculate the distance to the target for a long time, or focus on the dots of the reticle. But any, even the coolest, invention has its nuances, which you should definitely know about before buying.

There are quite a few advantages of such a device. The first thing that will please you is the saving on the battery. Such a scope combines two devices in one body, so they need one power source. Besides, you will not have a problem with which battery to buy for the scope and rangefinder, because they have one for two. Small bonus – you will never forget the rangefinder at home. With this 2-in-1 device, you can take quick shots at any distance. You see the target, the electronics calculate the distance, and you aim and shoot. You do not need to change devices or calculate the distance by dots. This advantage is especially felt when hunting in the field or the mountains.
Simplicity in use. Such an accessory will save place in your bag, as well as time to replace one device with another. The plus of such an invention is felt at the moment when you need to aim and make a shot from an uncomfortable location. For example, if you use the treestand while hunting, crawling on a hillside, or trying to climb a large rock.
One more advantage – all laser rangefinders are of high quality, they are well and neatly assembled, produce a good image, and are quite durable in hard conditions. There are no cheap models among them. And this suggests that it is quite difficult to make such a device, it takes a lot of time and effort from the manufacturer on assembling. That is, by buying such a device, you are buying a high-quality and very reliable item.

The first disadvantage of this device is its weight. We can’t say that your scope with a laser range finder will weigh twice as much, but you will surely feel the difference. An unpleasant surprise will await you during the hunt – the battery will die faster. Indeed, such a complex device requires a lot of energy, especially if you use it all the time. Therefore, be prepared to carry an extra pack of batteries with you.
You may also be unpleasantly surprised by the fact that the laser range finder calculates the distance of no more than 800 yards. If you prefer long-distance hunting, then this moment should be especially important for you. There are handheld range finders on the market with the ability to calculate distances up to 1,200 yards, and they cost much less. By the way, let’s talk about the price. Many people complain that such a device is very expensive and takes a long time to save money for it. The cheapest laser range finder costs $800, and the most expensive is over $4,000. By comparison, a good handheld range finder with a distance up to 1,300 yards will cost $600. The high price primarily includes the convenience during use and saving time. If you prefer a fast, sporty hunt with quick shots, all your hunting equipment is as lightweight and compact as possible then you shouldn't buy this device. In addition to the extra weight of the accessory and its bulky case, you will have to carry extra batteries with you, which is also not very pleasant during a long hunt.

The verdict
If leaves all cons aside, the laser range finder is a pretty handy and cool thing. But its extra weight and bulky design mean you'll be using it with a larger rifle. Such a device is hardly suitable for compact lightweight models.

Today, some manufacturers offer an alternative to this device – rifle scope and range finder, which are connected via Bluetooth. This will keep your rifle lightweight, but at the same time, you will benefit from two devices at once.

A good option for those who want to get such a device, but are not completely satisfied with its weight, size, or energy consumption, is to wait until a new generation of such accessories appears on the market. As you know, any device is being improved from generation to generation, it becomes more convenient in use and affordable for any buyer.

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