Color Night Vision: Beloved Three Words In Game-Changing the Industry or Just a Trick?

January 29, 2021


Color Night Vision: Beloved Three Words In Game-Changing the Industry or Just a Trick? - January 29, 2021

The world is full of colors. Even at night! A great deal of time was needed for people to associate night vision with a green color but then the term "Color night vision?" appeared and a lot of brains went up. Can night vision be colorful? How colors are distributed inside the picture? Does it affect the final image result?

Light sensitivity is one of the defining characteristics when choosing a video camera for night shooting but what does it have in common with color night vision? Let's reveal! In today's article, we gathered all the necessary info to help you acknowledge it..

Marketing, sales strategies with their straight direction to fool people in order to make profit lead to unsatisfying for consumers results. Color night-vision, which is thought to be a new technology is just a refinement of an ordinary and widely-used technology named “low light operation”. It is also well-known as Starlight operation means the smallest light level a mechanism needs to produce the color video.

How It Works

Night vision cameras contain infrared light technology that turns on when the level of affordable light is too low. What is more, gets too low for color video, the infrared light system turns on, casting out IR light that only the camera can see and humans cannot. This changes the video generated from color to black and white or true night vision. Did you know? : If your camera produces a grainy image, it means it touched a minimum light level point.

Therm “color night vision” is used to explain the improvement of camera work in low light conditions. With the powerful technological progress, most new surveillance cameras have very low light color operation built-in which means the ability of such devices to work well even in low-light conditions. This function allows the camera to feed off of the street lights, yard lights, and even neighbor’s lights. So, a color video can not be created in a full darkness surrounding, however, the absence of enough light would not be a stop. That's why the price of night vision "color cameras" and the ordinary ones are particularly the same. A lot of full-motion video cameras are a great example of how far technology has developed, giving awesome color representation in very low-light-level conditions. Sometimes it is hard to believe that such image quality can be gained at midnight.

Today, the current generation of night vision optics is also able to immovable and automatically account for changes in ambient light, preventing the user from getting dimmed if things rapidly become brighter or losing the picture altogether, even briefly, if the available light drops. This traditional night vision imagery can make it difficult to isolate and identify particular details on a target to help positively recognize it. Color night vision cameras are very popular among those who take care of the house security. In a military or law enforcement meaning, it is extremely important to have a clear image that can help to divide and identify particular details and targets.

Now, let's reveal why it is so beneficial for people to use such technologies.
  • As the human body is used to color vision, such systems can process what they’re seeing faster on a mental level. This more "natural" vision may help further reduce the change of a loss of situational consciousness, vertigo, and other problems that ordinary night vision goggles can cause, especially if we are talking about airborne applications.
  • Last but not least, commercial organizations and private citizens can use night-vision equipment to aid in flying or driving at night. Thanks to the color night vision can be projected onto helmet-mounted or wide area displays, pilots, mariners, and individual troops can have more clear situational awareness.
  • As for military forces, such a night-vision system will boost the "mental contrast" which means that positive identification based on colors can be exchanged between the units.

How to Choose a Color Night Vision Security Camera?

It is hard for an ordinary user to reveal all the aspects of technical information for a particular device, so we will try to explain some, in our opinion, the most important nuances for choosing the right model.

Resolution: The higher is the level of color night vision camera resolution, the better is the image you'll see. To get a reasonably clear image and high-quality video, it is recommended to choose a security camera with a high resolution (at least 1080p).

IR Range: As we've already mentioned, IR indicates the picture quality the color night vision cameras can deliver in natural light conditions.

3D DNR: This is a criterion for noise compression technology in motionless and moving images, allowing users to get a sharper picture with more accurate details.

Wide Dynamic Range: Using WDR technology, color night vision cameras can set light for enhancement and video. Thus, they are considered to be the most suitable for high contrast lighting.

IR cut filter: This technology was created to ensure that color night vision cameras present real tone reproduction. Thanks to this, users can appreciate high-quality images and videos both at night and day times.

Field of of view: If the field of view is larger, the field that the wireless color night vision device can cover becomes wider. So, if you need to control huge areas with a particular camera, then cameras with a wide field of view are the most suitable selection.

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